January 28, 2023
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Hot! Current Love: Philips PureRadiance Facial Cleansing System



Philips,which you might know as makers of toothbrushes and razors, recently launched a new cleansing system that I am really impressed with. The PhilipsPureRadiance Facial Cleansing System, is so elegant that you won’t mind having it on your bathroom. At least I don’t. It is also very lightweight especially when compared to the MIA, which is heavier and bulkier.

But, what’s really important is that cleansing system is gentle gentle on my skin that I feel as if I am rubbing silk on my skin as I wash the dirt away. It helps to remove makeup faster, in fact it is 10 times more effective than using cleansing alone, so I am washing  “smarter” and I am not irritating my skin trying to remove the day’s face. That’s always a plus. The machine uses Advanced Dual Motion technology (and the only one to do so), which essentially creates “magical” pulses and rotations that break up dirt, remove dead skin cells and makeup and sweep them off the face. What’s more the systems also stimulates blood flow. This helps improved micro-circulation helps achieve radiant skin.



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