July 16, 2018

Hot! Oh Yeah DJ M.O.S and DJ Kiss “Get In-Sync”

Real life couple (and professional party starters) DJ M.O.S and DJ Kiss demonstrated their ability to effortlessly “Get In-Sync,” at a special party promoting Durex’s new Performax® Intense condoms.

Held this Thursday at Chrystie 141, revelers including Ice T & Coco (both of whom we are OBSESSED with), didn’t let the scorching heat stop them from dancing the night away; with a great vacillating set from DJ M.O.S and DJ Kiss we couldn’t exactly blame them. So we joined the dancing fun, that is when we weren’t busy looking at the slew of Durex products which were scattered throughout the space.

The newly launched raincoats, whose aim is to help couples “Get In-Sync,”  are available drugstores nationwide for $13.99.

Some images from the evening.


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