August 5, 2021
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Hot! Hot Beauty Buy: Brazilian Peel Clear by AHA

Summer is officially here… welcoming us with what feels like a punch to the face with this sweltering heat. Thankfully I recently gave Brazilian Peel Clear by Advanced Home Actives (AHA) a go, and it’s been a savior in helping me get through this less-than-comfortable mugginess we’ve been facing the past two days in the city.

Brazilian Peel Clear leaves skin noticeably more evened out and feeling refreshed – down to each pore.

It incorporates the process of exfoliation into an easy 2-step acne-fighting regimen and one of its key miracle workers is the glycolic acid, which we don’t hear enough of in a lot of “mainstream” beauty products (salicylic acid usually steals the spotlight alone). Last time we at TFR popped in for facials, we got the lowdown on the benefits of glycolic acid, so when we heard Brazilian Peel Clear contained 25% of it, we had to give it a try. Professional results in the comfort of home? Worth it.

$45.00 online at


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