March 24, 2023
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Hot! Product Review: Carol’s Daughters: Hair Milk – The Curl Collection

As a loyal customer of Carol’s Daughter, skin and hair line, as well as The Original Hair Milk,  I was delighted to sample the new hair product line from Carol’s Daughter.  I was lucky to sample the Hair Milk- The Curl Collection which includes a Hair Milk Shampoo, Conditioner, Original Hair Milk (Curl Definer)  and Hair Milk Lite (Curl Boost).

I tried the whole line and I love the way my hair feels and looks.  Typically, I am unsuccessful in finding an entire hair line that works for my hair. My hair is curly, unruly and full. So, I have a difficult time finding products that manage, moisturize and strengthen my hair. Usually, I use a shampoo from one company, use a conditioner from another and use a random moisturizer to tame my wild mane. But, that’s all changed with this series.

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Collection, allowed me to have a one stop shop for my hair.    Using Carol’s Daughter was exhilarating. And, I could feel the natural ingredients working instantly. I kid you not.  The shampoo cleansed my hair without stripping it and had a faint citrus scent. The conditioner detangling my hair, preventing unnecessary breakage. The Hair Milk Lite defined my curls without weighting down my curls. All in all my hair feels stronger, is less frizzy and looks shiny.

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk –The Curl Collection does not contain Petroleum or Mineral Oil . It does contain hair quenching ingredients such as Apricot Oil, Cocoa/ Shea Butter,vitamins B5, A & E.

Happy Curly Girl,

Maisha A L Dang

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  1. This is wonderful!! Makes me want to try the product. When does it hit stores?

  2. You will love it! I am not certain when the product hits the market but you can sign up on Carol’s Daughter website to be notified. You will be in the know 1ST!

    Curly Hair Unite 🙂