May 8, 2021
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Hot! Fabulous Find: “Wife Beaters”

While technically not a recent fab find, as I’ve been in love with wife beaters since my high school days when I discovered their versatility. Now, I am seriously addicted acquiring as many as possible.  You know how some women covet shoes or hand bags? My heart belongs to wife beaters (well shoes and hang bags too but that’s just an inconvenient detail ..shh). I have at LEAST thirty to show for my devotion.  Now, I know what you are thinking – thirty, Seriously? Yes, seriously! Don’t judge me.  In my defense, they are all different and they all serve a different purpose.

See, I have long ones, short ones, others with different texture and feel. I have ones with small rib details, some with large rib details. I have softer  ones for that are cool feel under a sweater set. I have some that are perfect for a cool bike ride. I have others that are fantastic with jeans, which looks fun and sexy in heals.   Yes the rib details matters greatly, for instance, too big and you can forget wearing it with jeans (looks trashy), get my point?

See, why owning a wife a beater is the same as having the perfect accessory? You can never have enough and you can wear as many different ways as you like. It doesn’t discriminate.

Best of all if you are smart you can buy them in packs. I am particular fond of the Hanes male ones, they seem to last and are tight – “Made for a man but strong enough for a woman.”  Ha ha.  Don’t get tempted to spend the cash on just one buy them in bulk and you will be glad you did. I used to make the mistake of spending $10 on one but now I am wise and you should be too.

You ask: but I am not sure it will fit me. What if its too big? I suggest looking at boys ones, they are even cheaper are just as cool as the “big boys” ones. See, I got you. So, while I don’t condone actual wife beating, I do condone the  use of “wife beaters.” Happy wearing.

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  1. I love t-shirts and tanks. Patterns, words, bold colors, polka dots, etc….but I just was not sure if I am getting to old for them. Thanks for making me see others share this love for the “wife beater” ..I just got two new ones yesterday for $2..gotta love The Heights bargain value.

  2. Claudivel Ortiz

    I must say, I have a passion for ANYTHING FASHION, but the way you just described your “wife beater” obssesion made me want to pick up a pack myself! I have spent the $10 or more on just one, so THANK YOU for putting us on to the “men’s or boys” sizes… I agree with your quote (a nice twist to the old Secret slogan).

    Let me go get my WIFE BEATER ON! I think I’ll just wear one tomorrow w/ my pencil skirt!

  3. Your passion influenced me to buy more wifebeaters this summer…ok, well a “male friend” gifted them to me. I went a step further and drew on one with a Sharpie. The shirt was cool at first, but after the first wash, it looked a bit dingy. Maybe Sharpie isn’t as permanent as I once thought. But yeah, I still use my wifebeaters for all sorts of looks:
    day- wifebeater, Jcrew Jackie O sweater, mini khaki shirt; evening- wifebeater, vest, tight PZI jeans, heels; night; wifebeater, shiny black American Apparel leggings, hat, bagles; afterhours- XL wifebeater nightgown with no panities! 🙂