October 19, 2018

Hot! A Bevy of Celebs Attend YSL Belle D’Opium Fragrance Launch

An impressive list of international press, socialites and other notables personalities gathered at the YSL Stage this past Thursday (June 17) for the YSL Belle D’Opium Fragrance Launch.

Even from a short distance away, the markings of great party were clear.  Luxury vehicles lined the street;  a red-carpet mat covered the walkway; and a bevy of photographers lingered around waiting to shoot any arriving guest.  The noise from the almost unstoppable flashing lights, which flickered at unimaginable speed, along with the sounds of the screaming photographers, was deafening and paralyzing. The photo-hogs shouted “over here,” “no over here,” “turn around,” to just about anyone who arrived.

Whitney Port‘s quick exit caused an instant frenzy among the already anxious lens-man, many of whom begged Whitney to pose for a picture, unfortunately she declines and says “when I come back!”

In a daze – I stop to watch the chaotic scene and I am temporarily unable to move

The immobilizing scene is broken-up, when a secret-service like staff member shouts “check-in is over here,”  and signals a few of the waiting guests to follow him; he then ushers several guests (myself included) past the frenzied photographers. Inside another set of  photographers and journalist meet the arriving guests.  As I walk past the entrance, I spot Carol Brodie, hamming it up for the cameras but having had enough of pictures I quickly walk past the scene and into the party.

The party was sexy, cool, charming, lively, and fabulous. The venue was dimmed to match the fragrance bottle – the light violet shade perfectly set the tone for the lavish affair.  The tunes of DJ Alexa Chung played in background as the busy guests mingled and enjoyed the night activities; starting with contortionist who performed at the makeshift stage.

While studying the extravaganza, I noticed a very handsome waiter with a tray of Perrier Jouet glasses of champagne. Not one miss a good ole glass of bubbly, I make my way to him.  As I walk towards his direction I noticed a passage way that leads to a circular room with several flat panel screen projections.  The usher informs me that the room is for the special presentation, of the fragrance’s ad. He continued on saying that TV Spot featured, French actress Melanie Thierry and the choreography was done by Akram Kahn.  As I hear the speech, I spot an oddly familiar woman, dressed in oversized clothes, and an ugly head wrap. I try to place her and then it dawns on it – its Ashley Olsen. Confused by her choice of wardrobe, I decide to continue with my self guided tour of the venue.  Very soon after I spot Alexis Bledel drink in hand.

Eventually, I see a room where I receive a one-on-one tour of the “tech room” from an YSL staffer. The room displayed an ipad, the perfume, scattered sticks, and other Belle D’Opium paraphernalia.  During my tour, I spotted Maggie Gyllenhaal surrounded by cameras, as she answered questions regarding her love of the perfume.

After touring the, I mingled, chatted with guests and dance the night way.  The party was truly a fabulous affair. Other notables names in attendance include Jessica White, Alexa Joel, and Fern Mallis,  and Whitney Port as she taped for The City.

Please visit the site: whatisyouropium.com to learn more about the scent.

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