June 25, 2018

Hot! Where to Eat: Desmond’s Steakhouse


Leave it up to us to trek through touristy Times Square in a tropical rainstorm… all for the love of food. Despite the fact that we like to avoid the tourist crowds in this area as much as possible, a perfectly cooked medium filet mignon and lovely ambiance of live music on the restaurant’s piano were calling our name at Desmond’s Steakhouse (located at 513 7th Ave at 38th Street).

Among the dishes we sampled were hearty meats paired with an array of sauces and sides to salivate over. Here are the picks you must try:

Appetizer: Crab Cake ($18) – lightly breaded but packed with delicious crab meat in a generous portion. Accompanying the crab cake was a refreshing twist on coleslaw that we loved – a “slaw salad” that had wisps of carrot, cabbage, and red onion with a tangy finish that added a nice balance of acidity to the dish.

Main Course: try the Desmond’s Filet Mignon ($44). To our dismay, the kitchen was out of foie gras that night (among a few other things like wagyu beef and lobster) that usually comes with this dish, but one thing for sure is that you won’t leave Desmond’s hungry. The 8 oz. filet was cooked perfectly to our liking, and we paired it with a glass of awesomely smooth 2008 Merlot ($14). Additionally, the filet came with its own plate of three savory sauces to choose from: Bearnaise, Port Wine, and Poivre. The Port Wine was packed with hearty wine flavor (but not overbearing), and the Poivre added a nice, addicting kick to the taste of the filet.

If you’re feeling like having something more adventurous than the usual steak, we recommend you opt for the Double Cut Colorado Lamb Chops ($38), which were tender and juicy in every bite.

Sides: The Macaroni and Cheese ($22) kept us going back for more, even with everything else on the table – the top was cooked just to the right point, adding a saltier crunch to complement the creamy goodness inside. And where to even begin with the Steak Fries ($8)…  these were definitely among the best steak fries we’ve ever had. Each wedge was not only giant, but delivered an incredible, audibly loud crunch in the potato skin. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it.

Dessert: If you can spare the room, give the New York Style Cheesecake ($10) a whirl while you have a cup of coffee. The texture atop the graham cracker crust was extremely soft and light – almost whipped – leaving a smooth, creamy finish in our mouths. We were already full at this point, but enjoyed the cheesecake so much that we still managed to finish it off.

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