October 16, 2018

Hot! Emmanuelle Chriqui and Bryan Greenberg “Pay it Forward”

With no bus in sight I decided to make the trek across 42nd street to the exclusive Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounge for the Fashion Delivers Pay It Forward Event. Upon arrival I noticed a pretty sparse crowd which was of little surprise as I arrived. I got there just in time to catch a few celebs strike a pose on the red carpet. There was the just as hot in person as he is on screen Bryan Greenberg from HBO’s How To Make It In America, (so excited for season 2) and Emmanuelle Chriqui from HBO’s Entourage who were the hosts of the event and then a few other I don’t know whos. After about five minutes my A-D-D kicked in and I had to seek entertainment elsewhere. And since there is no better source of fun than booze I headed to the bar which was sponsored by Patron. Yes the Gods had smiled upon me. I ordered a Patron and lemonade and told the bartender to hold the lemonade and sucked that thing down so quickly I knew my second drink had to be a double. It had been that type of day.

I scanned the room and noticed that the room seemed to be filling up quite quickly.  There were lot of stiletto clad women channeling their inner Kim Kardashian dressed in Herve Lerger-esque dresses. And judging by the alarming feast of banker type men looking to find their Ms. Bradshaw their were spot on with their wardrobe choices. As I checked of my watch or should I say blackberry I realized an hour had gone by and nothing extraordinarily interesting had happened. But then our celebrity hosts announced that there was more to the story.

The actual purpose of the festivities extended beyond getting people tipsy off of Patron. We were all there to honor four industry leaders for their positive impact on the community and environment. The honorees included model and humanitarian Lane Carlson the executive director of Sunflower Children Organization which focuses on providing basic needs such as health care to forgotten children of the world and Summer Rayne Oakes has been deemed the world’s first Eco-Model due to her only working with companies and brands that shared her values. Contemporary designer and philanthropist Carlos Campos who gives back to his native Honduras through the Carlos Campos Foundation and also cooperates with Aid for Aids a non profit dedicated to improving the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean was also on the roster. As well as NYC based make-up artist Rose Marie Swift committed to not only helping women look beautiful but stay healthy while doing it through her organic line RMS Beauty and her educational site www.beautytruth.com. Greenberg and Chriqui gave their praises, the crowd erupted in applause and everyone swayed and lit their lighters.

But what would a fashion event be without a little…fashion. Thanks to our favorite trend obsessed retailer Forever 21 the bowling lanes were transformed into runways. The brand showcased their usual run of all too cute items that every girl “must” add to her wardrobe. Cute frocks, short shorts, and my favorite socks with sandals. Boys got plaid shirts and fedoras. In a few short minutes the show was done and so was I.


Jenaya Singleton

(Images below thanks to Lady and the Blog)

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