March 20, 2023
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Hot! High Line Summer Benefit


While you were at home getting ready for today, I was out busy partying at the first official party on the High Line.  That’s right, where a dinner ticket cost $1,000 and table reservation costs $15,000. The proceeds from the event  will be used to hire gardeners and staff to maintain the park.  The opening comes after a 10 year effort to save and preserve the High Line so it could open as a New York City park. The dream is now a reality.  The crowd in attendance was celebrating the Opening of Summer at the High Line and honor Lisa Maria and Philip Falcone and Edward Norton who all helped make the dream become a reality.

The guests dined at Pier sixty for an evening of amazing food and great company and followed their dinner but what else? By christening the highline with a party of course.  The guest had the run of the high line which was changed for the event by adding amazing blue lights and this pretty cool bar. The bar was surprisingly empty.  I can’t even imagine why! There was Moet in the house. Now, if you are faithful reader, I don’t need to say anything else. I love bubbly.

As I made my way through the party and grabbed my glass of Moet, I spotted Michelle Trachtenberg sharing a laugh with friends as she made her way through party. Almost instantly after, I saw Tayor Lautner who looks EXACTLY as he does in pictures and in the movies.  He was gracious and posed for a picture as his publicists looked on.

Zoe Saldana looked amazing and walked the crowed with her friends and designer Franciso Costa. Did you know that Center Stage is just one of my favorite movies? What can I say, I love cheese dance movies. I almost blurted that out but I was cool.
Lake Bell, looked ginermous in her six inch beautiful heels which I am sure where hurting because I only saw her sitting down.  Hey, beauty is pain, my friend beauty is pain.   I couldn’t understand her hair though. It was some form of beehive; I mean people still wear them? I wondered many times if she had snacks in there. Hmmm.

Liya Kebede was walking hand in hand with her Hubby. I seriously can’t believe she’s had two kids; she is so thin and gorgeous.

At one point, Edward Norton, Rhea Perlman, Danny Devito and Lucy Devito all were busy chatting and making small talk before Edward Norton was joined by a friend.  Danny Devito waved when he realized that I wanted to take his pictures and smiled for me. Edward Norton on the other hand wasn’t as pleased but did allow me to take a picture and I must say it came out pretty nice. Nothing to worry about Edward.

I saw this woman in this amazing Marilyn Monroe inspired print dress.  As I walked closer to take a better look, I realize it was Molly Sims chatting with some of her equally famous friends.  Maybe Nate Burkus? I did see him briefly chatting with a group. But, I just can’t tell you who she was chatting with. I was too in love with her dress to notice.   It seems after the CFDA many of those guests made their way down to the High Line to continue the party.  As Molly Sims, DVF, Jason Wu where all in attendance earlier at the CFDA and I also saw them at the party.

On my way out, I spotted Genevieve Jones and I just couldn’t get over her make-up. Man did she have a lot on. And, I mean a lot of it on. What does she do again? Someone tell me.  Hmm…  Gasps, I actually left the party early because I was cold. I know shocking but it was an amazing night and cheers on the opening of High Line.

Enjoy some of my pictures from the event. The rest came out too dark. 🙁
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