January 30, 2023
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Hot! Gallery Get the Look: World Cup Inspired Nails

kate_worldcupnailsThe long awaited FIFA 2014 World Cup kicks off now in Brazil, and whether you’re a hardcore soccer fan or are drawn to watching for the abundant eye candy… we’ve got a look for your nails that you’ll love to sport.

We spotted this playful and awesome DIY creation on our friend Kate Goldwater, owner of AuH2O. Talk about patience to create all those different designs! We’ll focus on the American flag for today (go USA!), but invite you to share your own World Cup inspired nail designs with us on Twitter. Try this at home while you watch the World Cup (and get ready to break it out again for July 4th).

To get the look, here are the steps we recommend:

1. Paint the entire nail white (try SinfulShine‘s Wisp).

2. Next, you’ll create the blue square. Use a thick brush to paint it on freehand (SinfulShine’s Most Sinful shade is perfect) or if you’re nervous about precision, opt for a nail art pen (like this one from Sally Hansen).

3. Time to paint the stripes! Using either a red nail pen or fine paint brush (whatever tickles your fancy), carefully sweep the color across the nail (SinfulShine’s Picante is a beautiful, fiery red).

4. Last but not least, grab a toothpick to finish the look by adding white dots to the blue section.

Happy DIY-ing!

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