March 25, 2023
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Hot! Attending a Destination Wedding? Read this First

destination-wedding-etiquette-2-1024x713-1024x713Folks travel for all types of reasons- pleasure, business, and sometimes, a family or friend obligation. If you’ve been invited to a destination wedding, consider yourself loved. Heading to a foreign locale for a celebration of love is up there on my bucket list, and if you’re about to take the plunge and buy those plane tickets to attend their nuptials, keep these tips in mind.

Plan Ahead

The moment you receive a save the date or wedding invitation for a destination ceremony, make sure you start planning. This will save you stress and money, and ensure you can make travel arrangements for the best price before they sell out. If you’ve received an invitation to a destination that you know you realistically can’t afford, don’t be shy about letting the bride and groom know. When choosing to host nuptials abroad, couples are aware of the limitations that a may place on their guest list, and they won’t argue with your inability to afford a trip. While the true cost depends on the destination in question and the time you’ll spend in said location, generally, attending a destination wedding can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 on average. If you’ve committed yourself to going, make sure you look at all transportation and accommodation options. While the couple of honor generally advises on specific hotels and venues in which to stay, there’s no etiquette that requires guests to splurge on a certain accommodation option. If you know far enough in advance that you have a bit of wiggle room when it comes to booking (six months or more), set alerts on sites like These alerts will notify you when flights are at their lowest, and the same can be said for hotel accommodations.

When it Comes to Packing

Once you’ve committed, you’ll need to get updates on all of the details revolving around the ceremony and the other days. Ask the bride and groom or wedding planner about the events you can expect, as this will help guide your packing elements. If they’ve chosen a tropical romantic destination, you’ll want to come prepared with the right summer clothing and swimwear. If you’re headed to a chillier winter wonderland oasis, you’ll need heavy coats and snow-proof boots. When it comes to packing your carryon, make sure you have at least one change of clothing that you can wear in case your luggage gets lost. Also ask about the dress code: if you’ll need formal wear, find options that can be packed tightly and discreetly, and consider placing a semi-elegant option in your carryon in case your suitcase goes missing.

Plan for Gifts

You might consider your presence at the wedding your gift, as it will likely be costly to attend nuptials in a foreign location. If you do want to provide a gift item, you’ll need to plan ahead. Will you pack it with you and take to the destination in your suitcase? Will you send it ahead of you for arrival at the resort you’re staying in? Or will you hold onto your gift and present it to the bride and groom once they return from their honeymoon? In most cases, it’s advisable to hold off on the gift-giving until you’re all back and situated. However, if you want to take something special for the big day, consider a small item that you can fit into your suitcase that holds some sentimental meaning. You might order an engraved bottle of champagne for toasting on the night of the wedding celebrations from Etching Expressions, or bring along items the bride and groom can use during the ceremony, like an engraved necklace for her and an embroidered handkerchief for his pocket—there’s bound to be tears on this momentous day.

If you’re packing up and heading off to watch one of your favorite couples say their I dos, make sure you’ve got these tips in mind and make it a celebration you’ll all adore.

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