April 12, 2021
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Hot! Life Fab and Get Rid of Pesky Hairs at Completely Bare Spa….and its Painless

I never before considered removing hair permanently from my body.  Yet once I experienced how easy the process would be and how that would make life easier without the constant rituals of shaving and waxing, it became a consideration in my immediate attention.  Completely Bare Spa introduced me to a new way to experience life as an on-the-go city girl through laser hair removal.  I entered the 5th Avenue location and was greeted by sunlight bursting through the high-ceiling windows lighting the elegant and chic, cream colored lobby.

Refined, modern, Victorian style furniture filled the room. Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Self magazines lined the glass coffee table.  Glass pitchers of water with orange and lemon and glasses were available on the glass table by the window.  Purple and white candies sat in the center of the coffee table in a glass jar to nibble on.  The staff was friendly and welcoming as they guided me through the paperwork and calmed my anxiousness as they explained the procedure.  Completely Bare Spa is “…credited with introducing the fresh philosophy to the spa industry, called spa-tology.  This concept provides result oriented treatments with the luxury of a spa setting.  The environment is relaxing and the treatments are clinical.”  I was lead into a room that looked very much like a doctors office, complete with paper covered table.

I was asked a series of questions about my skin, she checked out my underarms, which was the part of my body being lasered, and then left and entered another room for the treatment.  This room was a lower temperature than the prior because the laser machine was in this room.  I put on the shielding sunglasses, laid back, and lifted my right arm first.  She applied a cold gel on my underarm, similar to the gel put on the stomach during a sonogram.  She aimed the laser gun and went to town.  At first I felt nothing.  Then I slowly began to feel little needle pricks under my skin, like little bursts of small amounts of electricity.  It mostly tickled.  Some areas were more sensitive than others as she completed the landscape of my right underarm.  She did the same with the left underarm, and before I knew it, I was done.  Less than 5 minutes.  Just 6 sessions of this easy treatment and no more hair for life!  I took off the sunglasses, stood up, and went back out to the lobby to leave.  Quick, easy, and pain-free.

The price varies depending on which part of the body you want work done.  Completely Bare Spa offers a variety of services: facials of all kind (including intense pulsed light corrective facial), microdermabrasion, skin tightening, teeth whitening, and more.  All services are great for women and men.  They offer a great line of Completely Bare products including Ouch-less wax and Ouch-less wax strips, and Completely Smooth for Face and Body.  This product actually stops hair growth.

So ladies, and gents, imagine how life would be if you could cut those extra minutes in the bathroom shaving and still look fabulous.  It would be a whole new world to experience.  Stop by Completely Bare Spa at one of their many NYC locations and see how they can make your life a little easier. www.completelybare.com


Lori Richardson

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