May 22, 2018

Hot! Video HOT VID: Dylan George and Abbot + Main Fall 2012

First off, we are pining for Venice Beach more than just a little bit after watching that video. Secondly, if the video doesn’t speak for itself, when we think of Kellan Lutz, we think… yum. The star of the upcoming Tarzan film makes his return as the face of Dylan George as well as co-designer of Abbot + Main’s Fall 2012 campaign, California Dreaming (which we are…).

Shot by the fabulous Yu Tsai, the campaign also features the gorgeous Kate Upton and incorporates tons of natural light and vintage touches, which you can also check out on and

The Dylan George and Abbot + Main Fall 2012 campaign debuted this past week, flaunting the effortless cool of the DG denim brand and the effortless chic of Abbot + Main’s knitwear.

More eye candy below!

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