August 5, 2021
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Hot! Before You Pour “Maple Syrup” Read This… (HINT it Might Not Be Maple Syrup)

Chances are that the “maple syrup” you are pouring over your breakfast or over your brunch meal, is anything but what you might expect; the typical household syrups and the ones often found at some restaurants include ingredients such as corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, water, cellulose gum, caramel color, salt, sodium benzoate and sorbic acid (preservatives), artificial and natural flavors, sodium hexametaphosphate, which are designed to mimic the maple flavor without actually including the good stuff.  If you the want authentic maple syrup (and you) look for brands that are local and are committed to offering only the finest product free of artificial ingredients.


Crown Maple, for instance, we’ve learned at a recent press breakfast, uses a naturally sustainable process to harvest the highest quality maple syrup. It is 100% pure and natural. Additionally, the syrup has a wonderful consistency and dulcet taste. In fact, Crown Maple syrup boasts higher sugar content ( the standard measure on the Brix scale is 66 but crown maple measures 67) than most other syrups.  And, like all maple syrup, you can use Crown Maple as a healthy alternative to sugar in a variety of dishes (including desserts and baked goods) and as a mixer in cocktails (try pouring on your favorite tequila and you’ll be quite same again–its that good). What’s more, as we discovered sampling dishes made using Crown Maple, the syrup adds a unique and complex flavor to many dishes even savory ones.  So next time, you’re in the market think about getting the good stuff. And, don’t let the summer season fool you. Crown Maple, and other maple syrups are a great addition to summer food pantry. In fact, we’ve good a wonderful lemonade  recipe for a lemonade. It is great for an afternoon lunch or BBQ out in the sun or picnic… p.s add a shot of vodka or white rum to spike yo’ lemonade.


Crown Maple Lemonade
Makes 6 servings

16 ea Meyer Lemons (or 11 bar lemons)
¾ cup Crown Maple Medium Amber
2.5 qt Water
¼ ea Fresh Vanilla Bean

Directions: Juice lemons and place into a 3 qt pitcher (you need at least a pint or 16 fl-oz of juice). Add Crown Maple Dark Amber & water. Cut vanilla bean in half, and scrape half of one of the halves into the lemonade (you can add the scraped pod quarter in the mix too).Whisk everything together and serve over ice with fresh citrus slices.

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