February 4, 2023
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Hot! TGIF Cocktail Recipe of Day: Create Easy Cocktails at Home with SKYY Barcraft


As you might know creating cocktails at home sometimes are labor intensive and can use a lot of ingredients. So, if you don’t have a full fledged kitchen with exotic ingredients creating a luxe-tasting probably loses it appeals. And, this where SKYY wants to help you. The company recently released, SKYY Barcraft a new line of elevated cocktail-inspired vodkas from SKYY Vodka, which takes the guess work out of creating a sophisticated cocktails at home. “We have seen cocktail culture evolve in the past few years with a big focus on craft cocktails,” says Otis Florence, SKYY Vodka’s International mixologist. “This has naturally led to consumers wanting craft cocktails at home, but without the multiple steps and hard-to-find ingredients.” The offerings from SKYY Barcraft, are available in three flavors: Margarita Lime, Watermelon Fresca, and White Sangria. To enjoy just add one part SKYY Barcraft to two parts club soda over ice and your favorite garnishes– in the summer we are big fans of watermelon. Enjoy how ever you decide SKYY Barcraft or if you’re daring create Popsicles. If you need inspiration– take a look at the picture below.



Top Photo Credit: Jen Pinkston/The Effortless Chic

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