February 8, 2023
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Hot! Fashionable European Hotspots to Hit in 2015


We’ve all been there. You’re looking at your calendar and browsing Pinterest when it hits you: you haven’t organized a single vacation this summer. You promised it would be different this year. You swore to yourself that you were going to spread your wings and take that trip you always wanted, but you still haven’t made plans. “I just want to wait until I can afford it better.” “I’m really busy and need to sort out plans and I’m waiting for the right time.”

We know, but will there ever really be a right time? Sometimes you have to bite the bullet, pick a date and force yourself to make plans. The trip is the one that you make happen. If you’re looking for something to fulfill your inner fashionista, here are a few destinations that are totally worth your time.

Málaga, Spain

You’ve already heard a million times about how amazing Madrid and Barcelona are, and your friend from college still hasn’t stopped talking about their study abroad in Sevilla. Those places are all great but what do you know about Málaga? The picturesque coastal city was the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and at 2,800 years old, it’s one of the oldest cities in the world. The new multi-million dollar “Cube” art center just opened earlier in 2015 and is the first building by the Centre Pompidou outside of Paris. The center will host an incredible permanent art collection and will also offer various other arts programs including dance and video. When you add this to the wealth of other museums and restaurants on top of the gorgeous beaches, it’s no wonder the city was named one of The Stylist’s Hot European Travel Destinations of 2015.

London, England

What would any European fashion adventure be without a trip to London? The English capital is host to stores from some of the most highly regarded names in the world of haute couture. BA’s flights to London page points to the fact that you can find designers like Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood over around Bond Street, and Victoria Beckham just opened her first shop in the same area. Those looking for a shop where they could actually afford to buy an entire outfit may look toward TopShop on high street for the best in fast fashion. Plus, there’s that new joint venture with Beyoncé coming this fall, you may want to start waiting in line for the latest word in high-fashion sportswear.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Everyone is familiar with New York Fashion Week. However, did you know that they also do a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam every summer? According to Fashion Week Nederland’s website, the event takes place from July 3-13 this summer and will be packed with 10 whole days of fashion and fun. This year’s event will showcase more than the cream of the costume, there are also downtown events planned for the general public for each day of fashion week. If you never gotten to see a show during New York Fashion Week, then this is your chance to do fashion week right this year.

Now get out of here and get started on that trip you’ve been saying you’re going to go on for the last seven years. You deserve it.


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