May 25, 2022
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Hot! Happy Masse Birthday Party

Happy Massee as in “Happy Birthday” had a party at The Cooper Square Hotel penthouse suite. And, if you guessed that Happy was celebrating a birthday you win a prize. Though, you will have to find me to claim it and I may deny it. So just leave with the satisfaction that you guessed correctly because that’s all I got.

Though, I can’t say I know who Happy is or what he does for a living (I googled him and the first page are just pictures of him at events) – I will say that he knows how to party which is probably why he is named Happy. This was the party to see and be seen. It featured the all important full open bar. An amazing view of the city with great food. And strangely, a woman with a dog but lets ignore the obvious question – “Who brings a dog to a party at midnight?” Because that’s neither here nor there. Maybe her dog wanted to get his drink on like ‘Pearl the Landord’? Who knows, I was confused. So, I am choosing to ignore that ever happened because with an amazing view of the city it is easy to forget.

Rob Morrow partied to the wee hours of the morning in his white suite. Juliana Margulies also in a white suite was curled up with her man “friend” the entire night. Apparently Matt Dillon was also in attendance but I didn’t see him. I did see Liev Schreiber who from looks of it was having a boys night out. Ok, so I followed Liev Schreiber around hoping that I would work up the courage to say hello but sadly I was to much of a chicken to do so (so unlike me). So I left defeated while the party was still going which judging from the various facebook comments did end till very late.

Happy Birthday Happy and thanks for the great party.


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