September 17, 2021
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Hot! Hot Beauty Buy: Bare Mineral’s Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser

When it comes to following a daily beauty regime I, sadly, lack discipline- hard as I might try to commit to the ritual of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing, I always seem to fall short. I know I’ve had a great day when I have done all three but most days I stick to washing and moisturize my face often neglecting the middle step.  Sure, I give a go with gusto but before I know it I’m back to my old tricks(or lack there of) and the lazy cycle starts over but since I’ve discovered Bare Mineral’s Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser ($26) I am exfoliating daily.
This gentle cleanser both exfoliates and cleanses the skin. Using a 100% pure RareMinerals ActiveSoil Complex (exclusive to Bareminerals) this cleanser uses a new way to cleanse the skin. It aims to healthily stimulate skin-renewing benefits including cell turnover antioxidant protection.  And because it’s gentle (seriously its very gentle) anyone can use it.  There’s also the added bonus  pore reductions. Though, I haven’t seen a reduction in my pores size, I have noticed brighter and smoother complexion since I’ve started using. If you lack discipline like me – you can also reap the benefits of this cleanser.

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