October 17, 2018

Hot! United Nude Shoes NYC Flagship Open for Business

United Nude, a shoe brand known for their architecturally-inspired shoes and for constantly pushing the boundaries between design and fashion.  The combination creates futuristic footwear unlike any other.

Founded in 2003 by world-renowned Dutch architect Rem D Koolhaas, the company now has a new home in New York in the form of flagship store.  And, to christen the 1,800-square-foot flagship store (25 Bowery St.), United Nude called on some of New Yorkers biggest taste makers to help unveil the concept store or “dark-shop” that packed the entire store.

United Nude’s creative director, architect Rem D Koolhaas (relative of the Dutch architect with the same name), hopes that the stores jazzy and club-like feel will help customers “…fully understand the brand and get the total United Nude experience.”   The store is dark expect for the where the shoes are displayed; the interior of the store is intentionally dark, so that “The Wall of Light,” a computer-controlled LED can display the shoes in a series of light boxes that change to different colors while illuminating the individual shoes which are housed in the geometric frames.

The shoes are downright out-of-control,  each shoe is truly unique with slick lines and funky patterns.  Though, while some of the heels are cool, others seem impossible to walk and we wonder which daring diva will take the plunge for fashion.

The store on 25 Bond st. is now open. Take the plunge and check the shoes.

Images via Coolhunting.com

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