September 25, 2022
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Hot! Five Tips to Wearing and Buying White Jeans


Now that Memorial Day is over, now is time to start shopping for the ultimate summer staple white jeans. Here’s the thing while white jeans is a summer essential and so important finding the right pair can be decidedly difficult. And, while just about every retailer has the “perfect pair,” finding the right for you can (and should) take you some time. Naturally, you want to find a pair that not only makes your curves look their best but also keeps that jingle in your pocket longer. If you’re in the market for a perfect pair of white jeans, we got some tips to make the experience not only easier but (gasps!) enjoyable. Read on:

Tip One: Don’t worry about the number. Unlike, dark denim white denim is not as forgiving so they show everything and loudly. If you’re wearing a jean that’s too tight, you run the risk of showing your imperfections to the public. So, if your regular size fits a little snug size up (or two). You’ll be happier in the long-run.

Tip Two: Choose a flattering style for your body. Sadly, skinny jeans, just are not for everyone. Instead, try to a straight leg or bootcut jean. We love True Religion’s Toby style jeans. It’s a style that works for a variety of shapes and sizes.

Tip Three: Keep them white. This means, stay away from jeans with embellishments and appliqué. This also means, no color stitching, no fancy and styled pockets.

Tip Four: Choose the right underwear. No white underwear because they will draw attention. Instead choose a seamless undergarments in a flesh or nude tunes. This will make sure that everything stays hiding. Also, choose underwear with some thickness to it. Materials matters as white denim can show everything. Finally, DO NOT go commando.

Tip Five: Even if you’re on a budget, look for good quality denim with thickness. Not only will they last longer but they will also do a better a job at hiding your imperfections.

Once you find the perfect white jean, you might load up! Now its your turn, tell us how what are some of
your tips for getting the perfect white jean?

***This is a sponsored post! While, I received compensation to create the post, all opinions expressed are my own***

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