April 20, 2021
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Hot! Product: Hillhouse Naturals Linen Mist

It was my pleasure to experience the Hillhouse Naturals Linen Mist ($20) from their new Bloom collection.  A floral bouquet of water lily, lotus flower and jasmine with undertones of refreshing bamboo and vetiver makes this scent burst through the air wherever it is sprayed.  I tried the scent for two weeks, spraying it on my sheets, bath towel, and clothes before and after ironing and without ironing.  I thoroughly enjoyed the scent at night as I went to bed.  It was like sleeping in a meadow of spring flowers.  The floral aroma engulfed me as I happily relaxed completely before drifting to sleep.  I felt invigorated after showering with the scent on my bath towel.  I noticed an extra pep in my step in the morning when I am normally sluggish.  It was a definite mood booster.  I enjoyed the scent on my clothes, although it didn’t blend well with some body fragrances I love to wear.  Spraying the scent before and after ironing without the use of a body fragrance was wonderful.  I was cheerful and vibrant all day and the scent lasted until it was time to wash clothes.  Whenever a down feeling arose, the smell of the Bloom scent rejuvenated me.  I especially enjoyed the scent on my gym clothes while working out.  I sweated like a dog yet still smelled lovely and feminine.

Hillhouse Naturals has numerous delightfully fragrant collections that are captured in candles, body washes, body creams, linen mists, house fragrances, and more.  The Bloom Collection is their newest fragrance and I am in love!  With their competitive prices, why not envelope your home with an original and rich fragrance.  Check out Hillhouse Naturals at www.hillhousestore.com.  Once you experience the luxuriousness of their scents, there is no turning back!


Lori Richardson

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