December 6, 2022
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Hot! Tried It: Red by KISS Handle-Less Hair Dryer


I am terrible at doing my hair. In fact, when I was in college I sported the Simba.  The hairstyle (aka the apposite of an appropriate hairstyle ) was big unruly, and unmanageable. However, since this summer I plan to spend less time in the hair salon and more time living my life, I am on the quest to find products that will make my life easier. Or, at least make it easier for me to do my hair.

I recently gave the Red by KISS Handle-Less Hair Dryer a whirl. You should now that blow-drying my hair is one of the most joyless activities for me. It also takes me a lot of time. This might because I find that I have a hard time maneuvering the machine.  With this hair dryer, I didn’t have any of my usual problems. It was so easy for me to get use to using the machine. I also found that because I didn’t have that handle I was able to blow dry my hair for longer than I normally am able to. So that was plus.

The machine is also lightweight, and provides a decent heat temperate.  I used the machine to speed up the drying process so that I could style my hair into bantu knots. Normally, this would take at least an hour but with the machine it just took a few minutes.


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