August 16, 2022
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Hot! Product Review: System Mechanic (Because a Slow Computer is not Fab)

A  slow computer can be unbelievable frustrating and worse it can even slow down your productivity.  Recently, I’ve encountered some serious performance glitches on my computer.  I was thisclose to throwing my computer out of the window.  However, my device got a reprieve when I was gifted with the System Mechanic a computer program from iolo technology. The markers claim the program improves computer performance by cleaning the hard drive clutter, repairing the computer’s registry, defragmenting drives and memory, managing programs, and removing spyware.

Though, I was skeptical about the ability of such a program to improve the performance of my computer – I installed the application.  Once installed, I noticed on the Dashboard that the health of my computer was poor (no surprised there) and I continued with a full system scan which lasted for what seem ages. It took about two hours to fully scan my computer.   After the scan was complete, I got a detailed report with the errors on my system.  I chose the option to clean all the problems and this process took another hour complete.  After the long wait my computer was “repaired” and once done, I was happy with the results.

My computer performance did improve, it was noticeable faster, it no longer froze, and the time it took to save or recall documents also improved. Though, I can’t tell you what exactly was repaired, I can tell you the program is VERY easy to use and at $35(for three machines) it’s a great program if you are in need a quick solution for a slow computer.

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