July 19, 2018

Hot! A Relaxing Getaway is only Bolt Bus Trip away…

We know the daily struggles of living in New York can take a mental toll on your psyche and overall emotional health which is way we think taking a break every so often is absolutely necessary.  Whether its just renting a room at your favorite hotel to spend time with your best gals, or just taken a quick trip to your favorite city, a distressing getaway doesn’t have to cost a lot of money but most importantly (for busy New Yorkers) a lot of your time.  And, as we’ve discovered, after our recent trip to the Nation’s capital, the effects are just as re-energizing as hoping on a plane to Cabo (well not that we could just hope on a plane to Cabo but we digress).

A few weeks ago we headed to Washington DC, with a group of amazing editors, for a society weekend. Our quick trip included a stop at Gold Cup ( a horse race or so we are told as we didn’t spot a single horse) and a stop (in our favorite Decode 1.8 dress) to the L’Enfant Society 3rd Annual Ball on the Mall where society women dressed for an evening of dancing at the swanky tents temporality erected  between the Capitol and the Washington Monument.  And, of course lots of eating because what trip would be complete without food. Our trip though filled with loads of society events left us recharged and ready to take on the challenges of living in this concrete jungle so much so that we just had to share our experience with you.

If you are looking for a much needed break that involves little planning our detailed list includes information on where to stay and most importantly where to eat.

Where to stay: Hotel Palomar – 2121 P Street NW(Reservations: 877.866.3070)

Why we love:  Conveniently located near Dupont Circle, this hotel features spacious rooms with free wi-fi (if you sign up for their loyalty program), a pool, a really helpful staff and a super swanky restaurant.  We also love that the hotel is fairly close to public transportation and many of DC tops locales so traveling is easy and doesn’t have to cost a fortune because as we’ve learned DC cabs are really expensive.

About D.C. Dining:  Like New York, DC, offers foodies (like us) an ample selection of fine dining.  We loved Carmine, Cuba Libre, Masa 14 and Hank’s Oyster Bar and we think you will too.

Where to eat: Carmine’s 425 7th Street NW (Reservations: 202.737.7770)

Why we love: For starters the restaurant should be fairly familiar to New Yorkers as its directly affiliated with Carmine’s from New York. This Carmine’s boasts DC’s largest restaurant space with more than 20000 square feet and the ability to seat 700 guests. Though, cavernous it stills feels like home.  Hungry peeps will enjoy a selection of Italian food served family style and reminiscent of a Thanksgiving dinner, with the occasional spotting of a politician. We also loved that the restaurant caters to different dietary needs whether you are vegetarian, allergic to nuts,  or shell fish Carmine’s has a menu specialty designed for you (after all you are family)  What to order: We loved the Eggplant Parmigiana, Portellos Parmigiana and don’t leave without ordering the Titanic.

Where to Eat: Cuba Libre801 9th St. NW, Ste A (Reservations 202.408.1600)

Why we love:  After hitting the streets, Cuba Libre offers much needed delicious food in a boisterous environment to continue the festivities.  The menu conceived by Chef Guillermo Pernot features Spanish, African, Creole and Asian influences but with a decidedly Cuban flair. The menu is accentuated by the restaurant rustic interiors which is designed to resemble a Cuba from long ago. The effect is a warm environment that feels just foreign enough to feel you’ve left but not that so much that you’ve wished you’ve never left.  What to order:  We loved the bean soup, the pancakes but don’t leave without ordering rum from the restaurant as it boast a selection of over 100 Rum’s.

Where to eat: Masa 14 – 1825 14th Street, NW (Reservations: 202. 328.1414)

Why we love:  If the restaurant was a person, it would be sexy – the ambiance is grown, the décor slick, and the menu delicious.  The menu conceived by Chef Kaz Okochi fuses Latin American and Asian cuisine to create a finger-licking good selection of foods (and no we are not even joking about the finger licking). And, divided into small sections: Salads and Ceviche; Temaki Hand Rolls; Wood Oven; Meat and Poultry; Seafood as well as Noodles and Rice, dishing up an array of options to showcase Masa 14’s Latin-Asian fare.  Masa 14 is also home to Washington’s first Tequila Lounge (and we love Tequila) with its very own DJ booth and a selection of close to 170 Tequilas.  What to order: we loved the  Wild Mushroom Flatbread (oaxaca cheese / red pepper) and Black Cod (chipotle miso / pickled onion) and specialty Mojito.  (And, FYI there’s an All inclusive $35 brunch: Saturday and Sunday)

Where to eat: Hank’s Oyster Bar1624 Q Street NW, off 17th Street (Reservations: 202.462.HANK (4265))

Why we love:  The menu is simple – pretty much fish (though no surprise there), the food heavenly, and décor classic (designed by Eric Gronning) which reminds us of a cabin in Maine.  If you are a seafood lover this will be your place – Hank’s features a fresh selections of Oysters most of which comes from New England, and a standard selection of lobster rolls, crab cakes and chowder.  And, that’s not all after a recent expansion (which will double the size), the restaurant will offer private dining.  Hank’s will introduce late night dinning (serving until 2 AM weeknights and 3 AM weekends) and a new selection ocktails, punches, affordable wines and rare microbrews selected by Hank’s newcomers rare microbrews selected by Hank’s newcomers.

(Images via Kenton Magazine and credit to the original owner)

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