July 18, 2018

Hot! Gallery Beauty Roundup: Post-Sun Products

Sunscreen. Waterproof mascara. Self-tanning lotions. We get it – you already know how to prep your beauty bag pre-sun exposure after seeing stories time and time again in the beauty mags. And we here at TFR hear you: with Memorial Day weekend around the corner and soon, the start of summer, we’re keeping our fingers crossed to get some time under the good ol’ sun too.

To help you pack your bag for your Memorial weekend getaway, I’ve personally tested post-sun products that will be your saviors when it comes to keeping your skin moisturized after facing the sun, hair protected after exposure to chlorine and the like, and body feeling clean from head to toe after a day of activities.

Kneipp Almond Blossom Oil

FACE: Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balms

Let’s not forget our pretty pouts. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm glides on super smooth (zero stickiness = we love it), doesn’t leave lips looking overly shiny or waxy, and is so good you’ll be tempted to keep touching your lips for how soft they feel.

My favorite is the Lemon and Chamomile, because it smells just like a yellow Starburst (aka delicious) but doesn’t actually taste like anything - no artificial flavoring.

$7.50 at Jack Black and Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, and Saks

FACE: Supergoop Lip Balm

I’ll be honest... at least for me, at any given time I probably have 3-4 lip balms somewhere in my bag, or distributed across where I spend significant time (my desk, vanity, and even gym bag).

Supergoop Lip Balm is another one of my newer discoveries and the MintFusion one definitely suits me - it goes on smooth and contains Spearmint Leaf Oil for a burst of invigoration.

Its SPF 30 protects against UV rays.

$8.50 at Ulta.com

FACE: DDF Discoloration Reversal Moisturizer

Sun spots, be gone! Pack the Discoloration Reversal Moisturizer from DDF into your bag to treat your skin with moisturizing benefits while evening out skin tone and maintaining your fresh faced appearance.*

$63.00 at ddfskincare.com
*I did not test this particular product.

HAIR: Umberto Beverly Hills Collagen Pre-Shampoo Treatment

That’s right: pre-shampoo. Use a dollop of this treatment from Umberto Beverly Hills on the regular to protect hair, preserve its luster, and to fight breakage.

Trust me - don’t be tempted to be lazy. Adding this extra step into your hair care regimen, especially during the summer weather and after activities under the water or in the sun, will help to keep your locks moisturized and you looking good!

$12.99 at Target

HAIR: Mario Badescu Chamomile Shampoo

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Mario Badescu fan. Which is why every time I discover a new gem in the comprehensive collection of products, I feel amazed all over again. Give your strands a break (but not literally) with Mario Badescu Chamomile Shampoo. They definitely deserve it especially after a dip in the pool or swim in the sea. Hair feels stripped of its moisture after this kind of exposure and is prone to breakage. Banish those concerns and work this soft-scented shampoo through your hair and you’ll be good as new!

$14.00 (16 oz.) at Mario Badescu

HAIR: The Wet Brush

Say goodbye to tangles with The Wet Brush. It looks like a normal hair brush, but the flexible and revolutionary Intelli-flex bristles can withstand wet hair - even if it’s heavy and thick (like mine) or on the thinner, more brittle side.

Use this baby after the shower or on the beach to detangle hair with ease and get ready quickly for your next Memorial Day weekend activity. You’ll be amazed just how well it works.

It comes in various bright colors and patterns, including Classic Pink, Classic Blue, Happy Hair Flowers, Happy Hair Dots, and more.

Of course, it’s great for use on dry hair too.

$14.00 at TheWetBrush.com

HAIR: ARROJO Protective Thickening Lotion

Visible results just after one use? Sign me up. Hair is noticeably more voluminous with a little help from ARROJO Protective Thickening Lotion - it’s also an Allure Magazine editor favorite for a reason.

Fundamentally, this product is a heat protectant that deflects UV rays- so it’s an absolute must-have if you use heat styling tools on the regular and especially if you have fine hair.

$19.00 at ARROJO

BODY: Elemental Herbology Neroli & Rose Damask Body Wash

Opt for a moisturizing body cleanser like the Elemental Herbology’s Neroli & Rose Damask Body Wash. The scent is light, and not only leaves skin feeling refreshed but it also still feels smooth. Skin isn’t left feeling dry. Perfect to wash up with after a dip in the pool!

$42.00 at Dermstore.com and BeautyBar.com

BODY: e.l.f. lotion wipes

Make no mistake - e.l.f. still has its good old makeup removing wipes, but the brand offers this fabulous option of Lotion Wipes as well! These are perfect for moisturizing on the go when you need a little pick-me-up during travel, or even for a simple wipe down on your feet after being barefoot at the pool or beach all day.

Whatever your activity, you’ll want these packed in your bag. Quick and simple. Plus there’s quite a selection to choose from of different scents (including Cucumber and Melon, Peony Petal, Sweet Mango, and Shea Butter) to suit your every mood.

$3.00 at eyeslipsface.com

BODY: Earth Therapeutics Footsie Foot Brush and Clean + Cool Foot Wipes

I know I’m not the only one who hates coming home after a fun time out only to find my feet dirty, stained, and in need of some serious TLC. These convenient (and pretty adorable, I have to say) foot care essentials from Earth Therapeutics are perfect no matter whether the occasion is to freshen up quickly in between a busy day or for deep cleaning at the end of the day.

Simply put - I hate feet. And I’m really sensitive to what products I use on them, but I’m amazed with the Footsie Foot Brush for deep cleaning. The cute shape actually makes it really easy to grip, and the bristles powerfully sweep away any debris between the toes, nail bed, and on the soles (while feeling super soft on feet during scrubbing!).

On-the-go wipes are clearly all the rage, and the idea of having a way to freshen up after hours of walking around in flip flops or being outside barefoot is brilliant. The Clean + Cool Foot Wipes feature Peppermint Oil and Vitamin E among the ingredients to refresh and hydrate skin.

Clean + Cool Foot Wipes, $5.99
Footsie Foot Brush, $3.99
Available at earththerapeutics.com

BODY: Kneipp Almond Blossom Body Oil

I love a good body oil. When applied right after the shower while skin is still damp, it’s an awesome alternative to traditional body lotions. Kneipp Almond Blossom Body Oil is a great go-to with a delicate scent, formulated with sweet almond, jojoba and sunflower oils.

If you have extra dry skin, this is definitely a product I encourage you to try. A little goes a long way, but be warned that it may make you feel so relaxed that you’ll want to keep applying... better go for more than one bottle!

Kneipp offers a comprehensive line of Almond Blossom bath and body products formulated with the same pure, sweet almond oil, including Soft Skin Bath, Body Wash, and Body Lotion.*

$19.00 (3.4 fl. oz) at kneippus.com
*I have only tested the Almond Blossom Body Oil.

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