June 28, 2022
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Hot! We Have “Sex” on the Brain – Well “Sex in the City 2”

Sex” is on everyone’s mind as the release date of the much anticipated Sex and the City sequel approaches.  The city is bubbling over with excitement and many companies have partnered with the movie to give us Sex and the City 2 (SATC2) fiends a fix before May 27th.  Here are just a few ways to celebrate your love for the fabulous sisterhood that is Sex and the City.

Swarovski, the well known crystal manufacturer is offering fans the opportunity to accessorize in true SATC 2 style.   Many of their boutiques are offering accessories and jewelry inspired by the film. Fans can mirror the style of their fav SATC lady. Swarovski, asks are you the “The Fashionista” or “The Uptown Girl.” Maybe your style is more like the “Professional Chic” or like the “Blonde Bombshell.” Fear not, Swarovski has what you are looking for no matter what style you are. Check out Swarovski.com or any of their boutiques for further details.

Designers,  Kimberely McDonald and Nancy Gonzalez, are the masterminds behind some of the stunning jewelry and exotic skin handbags featured in the upcoming film.   Be the first to own some of these remarkable accessories.   The collection can be found in Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, respectively. In particular, the Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile East/West Leaf Tote in Green that Charlotte sports in SATC2 takes my breath away.

On Location Tours (OLT), is offering SATC fans an opportunity that will have fans’ mouths watering.  The Sex and The City 2 Midnight Madness tour will whisk die hard SATC2 fans around town as they follow the NYC path that Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda walked on the film.   To make this Midnight Madness package even sweeter, OLT will hold a private midnight showing of the film with a special appearance of Willie Garson, aka Stanford Blatch;  prior to the midnight viewing fans will have dinner at the Fresco by Scotto restaurant and after the viewing fans will receive VIP admission to a trendy NY night club.  All so that fans can do it big like the ladies of Sex and the City. For more information check out their website

Be “City-Chic” in any of the three exclusive SATC2 tee shirts by Mighty Fine.  SATC commemorative tees are the “must cop” for the summer and every respectable fan should have one.  You can take on the concrete jungle in style while sporting your “I’m a Carrie” and “Sex in the City” tees.  Greet a fabulous shoe or perspective beau with the “Hello Lover” tee.  Fans can get SATC tees at Bloomingdales.

For all you SATC fans who are not only fabulous but philanthropic,  Inlu.com is launching their “Sex and the City Party for a Cause” campaign. Inlu is a website that helps it’s members to organize events, parties, brunches, etc., while allowing them to donate to the charity of their choice. Inlu’s objective is to help it’s member turn their events or outings into a “micro-benefit.” So for fans, the site is offering Sex and the City themed invitations for your brunches, movie get togethers, or events. Inlu.com, invites you to celebrate Sex and the City 2 and give back to your favorite cause.

How will you celebrate the release?


Shantee Gordon

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