July 21, 2018

Hot! Caus Beauty and Drom Fragrances Forecast Upcoming Season Scents and Colors

Last night, Cause Beauty and Drom Fragrances held a cocktail event showcasing the coming season’s forecasted scents and colors. This beautifully subtle yet striking event displayed the Color Association of the United States’ ability to sense the subtleties of the fashion industry as well as their ability to forecast what scent lovers will find desirable in the fall and winter season for 2013.

Edgy, modern photography of Harald Schrader lined the walls of the Chelsea studio, and as a DJ spun post-modern beats perfectly in line with a fashion forward atmosphere appealing to visual artists, fashionistas and beauty types.

Peppered throughout the space were Cause Beauty’s “Bento Boxes” for the senses. These miniature collections included custom fragrances, nail and lip colors, and inspirational samples that accentuated each color palate.

“You have these amazing really rich dark colors. And there’s also a bit of vitality to these colors. Even though they are dark, they are not heavy, dark colors, but there is a bit of vibrancy to them,” said Agnes Mazin of the Farm Stand combination of colors and scents.

Hues of this palate reflect the colors of harvest vegetables in your local farmers market, while the vibrant woody odors of tomato leaf and woody moss are reminiscent of a local garden. One fragrance industry professional who shall remain nameless described this scent as “very Union Square.”

Soul stimulating color palates, thought provoking scents, and stimulating tastes and textures rounded out a luxurious evening that delighted all five of the senses. Guests were gifted with a gift bag containing each of the four scents, a nail lacquer, and a lip gloss at the end of the evening.

Guests were treated to an array of cheeses, fruits, and vegetables along with cute cupcakes and cookies delicately frosted with whipped sweetness. A bartender served up lovely cocktails like the Blue David, which consisted of Hipnotiq, Gin, Chambord, fresh lime juice, and blue rock candy. We were absolutely smitten.

Learn more about Drom Fragrances, Caus Beauty, and the Color Association of the United States at www.colorassociation.com.


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Melanie Meadows

Associate Editor for The Fabulous Report. Freelance Grantwriter.

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