December 10, 2022
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Hot! Dom Pérignon Releases a New Vintage With a Glorious Video


As you take a moment to celebrate champagne o’clock (aka Friday after 5pm), we got some news that might make said celebration a lot more festive. Seriously! And, it comes from the makers of Dom Pérignon, a favorite among the New York City night frequent fliers; last week the brand celebrated the global debut of Dom Pérignon’s 1998 Second PlénitudeP2-1998. The new vintage varietal offering features vibrancy and intensity and combines a dark, mineral, and spicy singularity that vibrates higher and clearer than ever.

The debut of the PlénitudeP2-1998 was celebrated amidst the majestic and mountainous lava fields and dramatic coastal cliffs of Iceland. Here’s a video a glorious video that will give you major fomo showcasing PlénitudeP2-1998

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