February 4, 2023
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Hot! Why South Korean Girls Have Fabulous Skin

South Korea is known for its outstanding and extremely well-developed beauty industry. In addition to very popular cosmetic surgery that becomes more accurate and cheaper with time, companies manufacturing beauty products show huge progress, as their products are said to do wonders for skin and hair. Many Western celebrities in the US and Europe confess that they order sheet masks and other thingies directly from South Korea. Even the US beauty industry seems to lag behind this cosmetic giant.

South Korean girls are known for their beautiful features and also for perfect porcelain skin. Ok, this is not a secret anymore than the majority of these Eastern beauties undergo face surgery as soon as they turn 18, and a lot of parents sign their daughters for surgery as an adulthood celebration gift. Or the girls do that as soon as they can afford plastic surgery. A lot of men and women visit South Korea within the medical tourism programs and undergo plastic surgery there, as it is more advanced and costs less than, say, in the US.

Another component of the secret of beauty South Korean girls use is makeup. If you google some YouTube videos on how Asian women do makeup, you will be shocked how skillful some of them are, how smart makeup can change the face, and also, how amazing are some Korean makeup products. It is possible to change the shape of eyes, lips, and even nose only with makeup.

Many Asian females confess they do not like their appearance, plus the whole Asia is after one particular standard type of accepted female beauty – long thick black hair, porcelain skin, the specific shape of the face, eyes, lips, and nose. These standards are even more severe than those European and American women face, because in the West, there is an understanding of the variety, while Asia still lacks it. So, the girls choose to have surgery and master a complicated makeup skill.

The last but not the least is the ability to make and keep their skin so clear and fare, and many believe that this is also achieved by magical beauty products. This is partially true, because, as it has already been said, this country has leapfrogged the majority of developed states in the industry of beauty. The variety, efficiency, and sheer presence of some unprecedented cosmetic products in Korea shock the newcomers. Female tourists rush around and buy tons of masks and skin care products.

However, there is another secret that most tourists fail to notice, and the local females also fail to accept sometimes. The secret is high humidity in the combination of very clean air. Surprisingly, the air in South Korea is more humid yet very clean and full of oxygen, which results in natural moisturization of the skin and oxygen saturation. What is more, any skincare works better in such favorable conditions. So, if you want porcelain skin as well, consider increasing the humidity of the air at home or at least in your bedroom.

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