January 28, 2023
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Hot! UrbanDaddy Kicks off the The Casbah Series and Flower Halos Come Out

The Casbah Models

Last Monday, as you know was Cinco de Mayo, while I pre-gamed with some friends a day before on the actual date, I was at Casa La Femme. 

The venue hosted a special party from UrbanDaddy that helped kick off The Casbah Series. The bash featured the coolest set from  Questlove and DJ Vikas that for a second left me wanting to go a club but only briefly before reality kicked in.  You see in the real world, drinks costs a lot of money and at this party they were flowing. Qui Tequila kept guests and me completely hydrated with the constant selection of drinks.

The evening which saw the likes of Paul Haggis and Danielle Bernstein pass through it doors, instead of sombreros featured slew of flower halos. You know fashion kids, always invited stuff.

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