June 22, 2021

Hot! Hot Beauty Buy: Freeze 24-7 Skin Glace Daily Detoxifying Cleanser & Mask

I love my Clarisonic Mia. After a minute my skin is free of residue and dirt (even if I have a face full of makeup) which is amazing but the MIA doesn’t address my often dehydrated skin. As a result I almost always need to follow up with a moisturizer. Now, that’s not a bad thing but after a busy night out partying that extra step seems like torture. Though, I can’t imagine life without the MIA, a single product which will leave my skin clean and hydrated is something I am always looking for.

My search recently led me to Freeze 24-7’s Skin Glace Daily Detoxifying Cleanser & Mask. Though I was skeptical at first with the cleanser/mask ability to thoroughly cleanse my face, I was surprised at how well it’s working.

The gentle self-foaming cleansing formula removes excess oil and impurities leaving my skin clean while also providing me with much needed hydration. And, for someone like me this is a big plus. Since I started using it I also noticed that my pores seem to look smaller and my skin also seems brighter.

Now while the product is a bit pricey ($65), a little goes a long away.  What’s more the cleanser can also double as a mask. If you’re like me and need one a product that can purify, detox and hydrate your skin one simple step this is a safe bet.

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