February 1, 2023
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Hot! Hairstylist Mark Hill Shares Easy Tips to Hot Summer Hair

Hot Summer Hair Tips (1)

If you’re anything like me, probably don’t want to spend a lot of the time with your stylist to create fabulous look and yet you want your locks like they’ve been touched by magicians. While we can’t get you magicians to come work on your hair, we can offer you some tips on how to look pretty darn good without having to make a trip to hairstylist. Read at hairstylist to the stars, Mark Hill shares tips on how to look great this summer. Hill, recently flew from his native UK to showcase his newest products and offered tips summer hair. What’s more Whitney Port was on hand to demonstrate the tips.

Hair Style Idea: Signature Sexy Waves (“The Flave”)

To get this look, ensure hair has been washed and blowed dried with a product that is suitable for your hair such as Love Big Hair! Big It Up Volume Shampoo and Love Big Hair! Big Is Better Volume Conditioner!
Using a large curling iron take vertical sections working around the head. Working backwards and away from the face. Spray Gorgeous! Work It Girl! Shine, Protect & Control Spray on the hair before wrapping the hair with the wand.
Use a clip to hold the curl in place and let it cool. This will allow the curl to cool into that formation and hold longer.
Take pins out and use your fingers to start to break through the sections. Use the Defrizz-ilious Bedazzled Anti-Humidity Shine Spray to help calm and define the hair.
Finish with Gorgeous! Work It Girl! Shine, Protect & Control Spray to hold style in place.

Hair Style Idea: Boho Braid

Split hair into small sections, spraying Gorgeous! Work It Girl! Shine, Protect & Control Spray lightly over each piece.
Leaving some hair in the front on each side of the face, start from behind the ear securing the beginning of the braid with a pin.
Continue braiding from ear to ear.
Pull hair slightly from the crown to generate volume by adding Gorgeous! Work It Girl! Shine, Protect & Control Spray as you pull.
Once the braid has reached the other side secure with a pin and pull apart the braid slightly to give it a softer look.
Take small loose pieces from the front and incorporate them into the braid, weaving them in and out creating texture.
Use the curling iron on remaining front pieces.
Finish with Defrizz-ilious Bedazzled Anti-Humidity Shine Spray for control.

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