July 19, 2018

Hot! Lindsay Lohan Shows Up at ‘Life is a Dream’ Solo and Looking Good

Lindsay Lohan’s impromptu appearance at the VC Gallery at Dream Downtown this past Thursday sent the paparazzi into a photo flashing light frenzy.

The troubled actress clad in sheer leggings, a pale pink top, a leather biker jacket, and black stilettos, arrived alone to peek at Domingo Zapata’s “Life Is a Dream” exhibition, the largest collection Zapata has ever created. Among the pieces Lilo viewed, was a work featuring a plane coming home from war and bearing the following poem “I dream that I am here/ Of these imprisonments charged/ and I dreamed that in another state/ happier I saw myself./ What is life? A frenzy./ What is life? An illusion,/ A Shadow, A fiction,/ And the greatest profit is small;/ For all of life is a dream,/ and dreams, are nothing but dreams.”

In addition to Lohan, who despite reports of heavy partying and drinking during the art viewing didn’t have a sip of alcohol, other notables in attendance included Vicram Chatwal (yes, as in the rich scion whose family owns the hotel), Hayden Christiansen and Chef Padma Lakshmi and countless of other artist types.



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