July 18, 2018

Hot! Haute Beauty Buy: Laura Geller’s Eye Rimz

We just love, Laura Geller’s Eye Rimz – $26 (Baked Wet/Dry Eye Accents) because even the most inept makeup applier can look fabulous in seconds.  It is available in four color waves though we just adore hocus pocus (a funky green color) so there’s a color for many skin types.

Applying the eye rimz is fairly simple and you won’t need a massive array of surgical tools (makeup brushes) to get the right look.  To use – simple use the included brush and create a thick line to the top and/or bottom of the lash lines with and watch your eyes transform.  It’s that easy.  And, if you are daring (unlike us) you can make your eye truly pop by applying an even thicker rimming eye line.  Whether you are pro or a novice at applying makeup, we think you will love this product, we certainly do.

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