September 28, 2021
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Hot! Kanye West Wows at the Moma Garden Party

The line went down the block, around the corner, then around and down to the next block.  If you were there, you know we are speaking about MOMA Garden Party sponsored by Cartier which was held last night at the MOMA.

The after party which began at nine, was sold out and guests (who paid $150-2$250) endured an hour long wait.  And, as you would imagine the guest list was strict (guest had to show ID to get tickets) but once inside guests enjoyed a fantastic display of youthful, energetic and well ornamented attendees.  The bar was packed but we grabbed a drink and quickly headed to the main stage to see the headliner- Kanye West.  We watched as Kanye West strolled onto stage to a crowd of endearing fans.

His band wore all white, while Kanye sported a white T and Hoodie which he made (not surprisingly) flash with his bling- bling of a watch (most likely Cartier but can’t confirm);  He performed a medley of most of his greatest hits as well as singles from his new album.  When all was said and done and everyone thought Kanye’s 45 minutes sect was over, he surprised us with a guest performer Jay Z.  Kanye and Jay Z graced the enthusiastic crowd with a performance of Empire State of Mind, which had people throw the Jay Z diamond symbol in the air. Everyone wanted an encore but once midnight hit the show was over and the crowd slowly began to disperse, but in a few pockets you could still hear the crowd chanting “HOVA, HOVA, HOVA.”

We’ve have to admit the wait was well worth it because this year show had what we believe was one of the best guest performers since the garden party started.
– Amoy Barnes

Video of performance

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