July 20, 2018

Hot! Affordable Arts Fair Wows Art Lovers on a Budget

Last week, the Affordable Arts Fair graced our city at 7 W New York in Midtown, showcasing a wide range of visual art and granting attendees access to artists and studios from all around the world. Sculptures, etchings, photographs and paintings filled the hall while hundreds of people circulated the rows and rows of magnificent art. …Ok, there were a few bad apples, but mostly, the Affordable Arts Fair showcased amazing works from a variety of mediums and price ranges, further exemplifying the idea that art is within anyone’s grasp, no matter what your price range may be.

Among some of our notable favorites was Drew Tal’s “Within,” found at New York’s emmanuel fremin gallery, which utilizes duraflex mounted on aluminum and expresses an alluring sense of calm. David Gista’s  mesmerizing “Peut être,” mixed media on canvas, was also impressive. This gorgeous piece can be found at Envie d’art gallery in Paris.

Guests were also treated to champagne cocktails, and a wonderful gift shop displayed items inspired by the art being showcased at the fair.

Check out some of these and other pieces showcased at the spring 2011 Affordable Arts Fair at http://www.aafnyc.com/aaf-spring.php!

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Melanie Meadows

Associate Editor for The Fabulous Report. Freelance Grantwriter.

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