May 18, 2021
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Hot! Francisca Mattéoli – Adventure Across the World in Vintage Hotel Labels

MatteoliFrancisca Mattéoli has a talent for whisking us away to far away places filled with sophistication and wonder through her unique and always exquisite travel books. In her latest book World Tour: Vintage Hotel Labels from the Collection of Gaston-Luis Vuitton, she takes us on a journey around the world – this time through a unique collection of three thousand hotel labels, a collection assembled by avid traveler Gaston-Louis Vuitton – grandson of famed designer Louis Vuitton.

Undoubtedly impressive to display for guests on your coffee table – as is with all Mattéoli travel books – this one conjures up adventure and discovery through the simple elegance of hotel labels and period photographs. Quotes from famous travelers as well as beautiful full color vintage postcards pepper this neatly bound book.

I was happy to write this book because it speaks about the golden age of travel that my family knew well. My Chilean father and Scottish mother gave me the passion of travel and storytelling and this book is also a tribute to all those who make us want to live adventures and discover the world.”Francisca Mattéoli

Stopovers that include seaside stays on the French Riviera, cultural tours of Athens and Mexico, beach getaways to Honolulu and Capri are all charmingly documented in timeless imagery. It is a wonder that Mattéoli is able to document past travels and adventures with a fresh eye that is uniquely relevant to the present.

Learn more about Francisca Mattéoli and travel the world through this and her other travel books by visiting You may also purchase this fantastic book here!

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Melanie Meadows

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