August 3, 2021
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Hot! Beauty Q&A: Spring Skincare Tips from a Celeb Facialist

expert-northrupCelebs including Jessica Biel, Sophia Vergara, and Halle Berry all trust her with their pretty facesOlga Lorencin-Northrup, celebrity facialist and founder of Kinara Skin Care Clinic & Spa has shared her expert tips on how to get healthy, glowing skin in time for the extended hours (yes please) under the spring and summer sun.

Q: What are the top three changes you recommend making to your skin care routine for spring?

A: Exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate. You need to shed winter layers so your skin can be lighter, more hydrated and glowing. Avoid scrubs and opt for chemcical exfoliants like Kinara’s Red Carpet Facial Kit (for all skin types) or something like Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare for skin prone to breakouts.


Q: Are there any spring skin care ‘secrets’ you recommend?

A: Right now, the key is adding more serums to your regimen and reducing moisturizers. Serums are formulated without emulsifiers, so they are lighter on the skin and more reparative than moisturizers. Of course, if you are dry you will still need a moisturizer on top, but I recommend a lighter one.


Q: What are your must-have spring skin care products and why? What are the key ingredients?

A: For us here at Kinara, definitely Weightless Infusion and Weightless Moisturizer. Weightless Infusion is basically oil-free food for skin. Formulated with cutting edge cosmeceuticals like di-peptide 4 and alpha arbutin, it is designed to quickly nourish, tighten, and brighten your skin. Weightless Moisturizer is a super light emulsion, designed to have a great anti-aging impact while forgoing heavy oils that can clog your skin. One of its main ingredients is teprenone. This ingredient increases moisture and reduces fine lines, roughness and pore size.


Q: When “spring cleaning” your beauty cabinet, what skincare products should ‘go’?

A: Check the dates. Anything that is expired or that you have had for more than six months, especially sun block, should go.



Q: When it comes to your skin, the products you put on it are just as important as the food you eat. Are there any foods/fruits or nutrients you recommend eating during the transition from winter to spring?

A: As always stick with seasonal vegetables and fruits (70% vegetables, 30% fruit). Reduce your grain intake to a minimum. And lose the dairy- that is an absolute detriment to your skin.

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