January 30, 2023
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Hot! eSalon is Changing the at Home DIY Hair Process… for the Better


I am not the type of person that does any at home hair treatments mostly because I am terrible at doing anything more difficult than a braid. Whether its something as simple as a blowout or as difficult as a dye job, chances are that you will find me at the hair salon. I just prefer to let the professionals do the work while I sit back and read trashy mags. That said, not everyone has the luxury or time to spend endless hours at the salon. And those who choose to do at home treatments such as hair dying know it can involve some trial and errors.

A bad at home dye job can be at worst disastrous or at best completely ineffective, luckily eSalon, an online website, offers a solution for all women. The site, the first of it kind, deliverers custom and individualized dying kits for just $19.99.  So, as a user you’ll create a profile with including hair color, skin tone, eye and the color you want, once the profile is complete the experts will blend a color to match the request.   eSalon, will then a deliver a professional quality tint, along with all the necessary materials (including gloves) and instructions to create the desire color. Francisco Gimenez, who created the service explains “until now a woman’s only options were to spend $100 or more in a salon, or face endless aisles of mediocre drugstore color.”


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