January 30, 2023
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Hot! Find Out One Easy Way to Share More LOVE

LornaSolano (1)

Lately, it seems the world is filled with so much hate (I am looking at you Donald Sterling) which is why I am so happy to participate in the Share More LOVE Project.  The project wants to create a beautiful Universe filled with LOVE and promote an awareness of LOVE. The project also reminds me that LOVE is having an ever lasting moment. The Share More LOVE project, asks people like you or me what LOVE means to them.

The answers as you would imagine vary and so personal– for instance one person reminds me that LOVE is forgiveness and another reminds me that love is all about hugs and kisses–but they all force me to see to people at a little differently if only for a moment. And, that just makes me smile.

The Share More LOVE Project currently features an online gallery and portraits snapped by Jason Setiawan (one of the founders along with Paola Velasquez) but anyone can join the conversation. Just use your favorite social medium and hashtag using #loveis what love means to you and if you want to see others are saying follow Share More LOVE on instagram and facebook at @sharingmorelove #

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