October 23, 2018

Hot! Gallery Color-Treated Hair? Here’s What to Ask For During Your Next Salon Visit

At the start of the New Year, I finally fulfilled the desire I had for months to take the ombre plunge and dye my naturally pitch black hair a vibrant red. I did it. And I loved it. But when I saw streaks of red dye dripping down the sides of my bathtub (scary, much?) even past the first few washes, I was skeptical about the quality — knowing red is a notoriously difficult color to maintain on black hair. I was already using shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair, and I thought to myself, maybe these things don’t work? I then learned about the ColorProof brand and had my perception changed.

Once I started using ColorProof products, I saw virtually no dye being washed out in the shower. It’s now been over 3 months since I was in the salon, and I’ve far surpassed the “one month mark” that I was told I should come back to get the color touched up. While there has been fading that is natural to the red-on-black situation, I’m happy with the results and am confident that ColorProof really helped prolong the life of my original dye job. I’ll take a once every three months touch-up over a once a month touch-up any day!

ColorProof products are sold exclusively in authorized salons and spas across the country, so you know it is “pro” quality. Here are the gems I’ve been using the past few months that I recommend you ask for during your next salon visit!


ColorProof SuperRich® Moisture Shampoo

Pretty simple: this shampoo cleanses color-treated hair and provides hydration while it cleanses rather than stripping the moisture away. The fact that ColorProof products are all 100% vegan and 100% free of sulfates, salt, gluten, and parabens mean that you can feel confident your hair will be treated in the gentlest way. Don't be fooled by the perception of natural products never lathering into a foam, because this one sure does.

$29.95 (10.1 oz.)
Also available in 2 oz. (pictured above) and 25.4 oz. sizes

ColorProof SuperRich® Moisture Condition

When you use a conditioner, you expect it to help repair hair and leave it with a soft texture. You'll get just that with this conditioner, which includes essence notes of "mojito mint" which I actually love -- it leaves a gentle tingle on my scalp that is really relaxing, Like its shampoo counterpart, the conditioner contains a proprietary ingredient blend that protects hair from heat and absorbs UVA/UVB rays to keep hair color from fading.

$29.95 (8.5 oz., pictured)
Also available in 2 oz. and 25.4 oz. sizes

ColorProof PureRelease® Instant Detangle

One of the things I've most enjoyed about experiencing ColorProof is that it offers end-to-end haircare. By that I mean beyond the standard shampoo and conditioner, the brand offers an extensive range of products designed to maintain hair color at every step of the drying and styling process too. I like to use this when my hair is damp, about 10-15 minutes before I blow dry it, so that any tangles are released and I can easily brush through it a few times before drying, I have lots of hair and it is very heavy, so this really helps me prep my hair in the best way possible before it faces the hair dryer.

$23.95 (8.5 oz.)

CrazySmooth® Extreme Shine Treatment Oil

I always like using some sort of oil to maintain a soft texture and shiny finish in my hair. This oil absorbs quickly and can be used in conditioner to amp up the power -- just mix a small amount directly into your conditioner. Even though it is an oil, I found it non-greasy, unlike some other products I've tried that actually created a sort of greasy buildup after use (no thanks!).

$23.00 (1.7 oz.)

ColorProof UltraMarathon® Strong Hold Color Protect Hairspray

Last but not least -- when it comes to styling, a hairspray you can count on is so important. I'll admit I'm not particularly crazy about the "gingered amber" scent and it's certainly not the best-smelling spray I've used before, but I like using it knowing that through and through, from wash to styling, my hair is being taken care of by products that work to maintain color. Plus, I have no complaints about the reliability of this hairspray... it's called UltraMarathon® Strong Hold for a reason! It holds my curls in place for days.

$20.95 (9 oz.)

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*Disclaimer: Although products were provided to me for testing, views expressed here are 100% my own.

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