May 29, 2023

Hot! A Professional Guide to Engaging AdWords Management Service

For managers who are beginners in AdWords management services, contracting the right AdWords management company can be a tricky process. They first need to understand what AdWords management services entails before they can begin to even set out the KPIs for the AdWords campaign. However, since every company is getting AdWords consultants, you can also expect your competitors are also looking in the same direction and this guide will serve as a quick learner’s tool to get the campaign just right.

What to Expect in AdWords Management Services

When contracting for AdWords management services, you have a choice between engaging an independent Google AdWords consultant or working with an AdWords management company. Your choice will largely depend on the scale of your business and the level of engagement you expect from the AdWords management service provider. For larger companies with long-running AdWords campaigns, hiring an Adword consultant firm is the best choice since they will have several AdWords experts to handle your account. You can expect expert-level services from inception to completion, whether your campaign is a short one or a long one. 

When to Select a Google AdWords Consultant

Smaller companies can work well with a single google AdWords consultant. A single AdWords consultant can handle a large account so long as the account belongs to one brand or a single product. The more the product, the more content will need to be generated as well as the pay-per-clicks to go with the ads. However, one advantage of hiring a single consultant is they will easily integrate with your staff and you can expect knowledge transfer to benefit you in the end. 

Decision On Who Owns And Controls Assets Generated

Over the course of your AdWords campaign, there will be a lot of assets generated in the form of graphical content and any other digital assets. There needs to be a clear understanding on who owns all the assets generated. Though the industry norm is that all assets are to be owned by the contracting company, there are certain instances where certain assets can remain with the AdWords consultant. One such scenario is where the AdWords consultant or AdWords management company had already created the assets prior to engaging them, or if they had exclusive IP on the assets and the contracting company is desperate for the assets. 

Skills to Look For in A Google AdWords Consultant

Some skills are very important when contracting a google AdWords consultant. They need to know how to use Google’s platform and track any new developments on all the individual tools available for AdWords consultants. This means a Google certified AdWords consultant is better placed to work with your team than one who is not verified. In the long run, this is better credibility than academic credentials since the Google verification usually expires once new AdWords tools come out. Other important skills are communication skills, and capacity to pivot or iterate an AdWords campaign when needed.

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