January 18, 2021

Hot! Anja Rubik and Sasha Knezevic Share a Smooch on Top of a Car

Supermodel Anja Rubik and fellow model Sasha Knezevic, locked lips in Times Square atop a NYC livery cap this past Friday, as onlooker snapped pics and religious protesters did their business in the background, to recreate their ad for the DKNY Original Fragrance campaign. The real life couple (who first met when they worked on the shoot) were tasked with re-making the now icon and very steamy DKNY ad campaign which starred Esther Cañadas and Mark Vanderloo.

So, what does Sasha think of the brouhaha? “It’s really fantastic – doing this in Times Square,” Sasha told Modelina. “Such a normal day on the job. It feels incredible [to kiss on the roof of a cab;] we need to do it more often.” Oh Sasha.. can I have your normal day?

Images via Styleite.com and see below for the commercial for fragrance featuring the hot couple.

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