July 26, 2021
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Hot! A Night of Dancing, Celebration at Music Against Myeloma Foundation

It was a night of celebration and hope at BLVD, located at 199 Bowery St., as the crowd gathered for a benefit against cancer.  The ticketed event (price range from $4 to $10000) supports the Music Against Myeloma Foundation.  So,  monies raised directly benefit IMF, the biggest Myeloma cancer foundation.

The night was sponsored by salesforce.com and the open bar was provided by Stella beerMike Katz, the vice president of IMF, and a spokesperson for the night, was diagnosed twenty years ago with multiple Myeloma and was told he had two to three years to live, and is still fighting the disease.  The night was organized by Slava Rubin, who lost his father to Myeloma when he was in high school, and keeps his memory alive by his activism against this disease.

Music from Natalie Gelman, kicked off the nights celebration, followed by music from rock alternative band Canon Logic; and event finished with music from the headliner Eclectic Method who stole the show. The veejays have been touring internationally for eight years and no song or genre is safe with them as they can mix any track or record from Jay-Z to the Violent Femmes to Smokey Robinson to Elvis Presley to Lady Gaga to Nirvana to Rick James and many more. They’re mixes have you moving no matter how they spin it. Look for Eclectic Method mixes on Itunes or from your favorite underground music store.

The festive affair was complete with a number of giveaways through raffle, including a free month of yoga, book giveaways from Time magazine, and a week vacation to a tropical island. Gift-bags, included a 2 day pass to Equinox gym provided by Zachary Williams, two free music skins for cell phones from music skins.com, and a bag of potato chips proved by Pop chips.

It was a great night to fight for a great cause and everyone had fun in the process.


Lori Richardson

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  1. It was a great event! Thanks for covering.