January 30, 2023
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Hot! Greenify Your Home: TFR Edition


Hope you all had a great Earth Day! In case you missed it, check out our Earth Day-inspired natural and organic beauty picks.

But aside from evaluating our beauty closets as we do on a regular basis… what about the rest of spring cleaning and going green throughout your home? Here are some back to basics tips from Homes.com on keeping your abode Earth-friendly in the (generally) sunny spring and summer seasons.

* Keep It Light – Lighter colored houses stay cooler in the summer months, which helps reduce cooling costs. If it’s time to replace your roof, substitute lighter shingles for darker ones. Paint your house a cooler color and use lighter colored shutters, blinds and curtains

* Ditch Disposables – These days there’s a disposable option for everything. Instead of cleaning with disposable paper towels or wipes, consider reusable rags or sponges and use environmentally friendly cleaners like baking soda and vinegar

* Conserve Water – Leaky faucets, pipes and ductwork are draining your bank account. Fix leaky faucets to save money and save water.

Plus… get creative! Peek our top 3 tips of the moment:

minnaduvet* Speaking of keeping it light… we are digging the new Minna duvet set from Crane & Canopy. The gorgeous periwinkle blue and peppering of polka dots had us at first glance and the tone is sure to brighten up any room. If your room gets lots of natural light, the polka dots will be super festive! ($35-169 at craneandcanopy.com)

* Reusing wine bottles as vases can lend a sleek, delicate accent to any room – not to mention make use of those empties! We love this DIY project for wine bottle vases by Purr Design as featured on Design Sponge – proof that you can do it yourself and have it look good. (But if you feel like you’ll never get to it… Etsy’s the place to go.)

* If you enjoy the smell of citrus, this all-natural, make-it-yourself candle is totally for you. Indie Lees at-home solution requires clementine candlezero wax: all you need is a clementine (mm) and olive oil! Just cut the clementine in half and carefully peel the skin off as a whole (since this will form the body of your candle). Then twist the inside into a wick, filling with a bit of olive oil. Voila!


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