July 28, 2021
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Hot! The Fabulous Report Reviews: Bhojan Vegetarian Restaurant

Lorna and I, embarked on a delicious journey to a Little India to a restaurant called Bhojan Vegetarian which just opened on March 29th of this year; the restaurant is located at 102 Lexington Avenue at 27th St.

Bhojan Vegetarian offers a delightful experience on traditional Indian cuisine.

We started with an array of appetizers: Dholka (steamed lentil cakes with green chilies and mustard seeds), Khandvi (gram flour rolls with fresh coriander leaves), Samosa (pastries stuffed with potatoes and peas), and my two new favorites Sev Puri (mini puris stuffed with yogurt and served with tamarind and green chutney) and Samosa Chole Chaat (pastries stuffed with yellow peas topped with yogurt and served with two chutnies).  For the main course, we dined on the lunch  Thali, a meal for two in itself; its is an entire meal served in a platter arranged in small bowls and served all together. It includes one starter, one paneer, one chole, one daal, rice (either basmati or brown), three chapatis (whole wheat flattened bread), raita (a spicy pickle relish), chutney for dipping, and a delicious dessert custard made of yogurt with a touch of saffron and pistachio…..hmmmmmm delicious!  The highlight of the lunch for me was the delectable yogurt drinks from the Lassi bar. I started with a Mango Lassi which was very light and refreshing and captured the essence of the flavorful mango. The Rose Lassi, however, stole my heart!  It was a light, crisp, and refreshing yogurt drink that was flavored with actual rose petals! The taste was smooth and not overwhelming at all. You could actually taste hints of the rose petals through the creamy, light texture of the yogurt. This drink is a new staple in my arsenal of summer drinks. I can imagine walking along the streets of New York sipping the creamy coolness of the Rose Lassi.

Bhojan Vegetarian, serves fresh, healthy and satisfying meals. They highlight dishes from the North and West of India, namely Gujarat and Punjab, which are famous for their distinct vegetarian offerings. The ambiance of the restaurant was very relaxing as contemporary Bollywood music softly played in the background. Green wine bottles created the chandeliers that gave a soft light to the space, and Indian woks lined the ceiling for an added glow. It was a peaceful environment, give or take the chatter from content customers.  If you are intrigued by the foods of India or your curiosity is sparked and you’re dying to know more, Nalina Mehta (a fellow dinner), offers a Saturday classes called “Route To India.” It is a culinary tour of the Little India’s of Manhattan and Jackson Heights which demystifies Indian cuisine from the foods used, to preparation, to kitchenware and everything else you’ve ever wanted to know about the traditions of India. All in all, it was a lovely experience, one that I would thoroughly enjoy repeating with friends who love food as much as I do.

Bhojan Vegetarian tantalizes your taste buds with it’s refreshing spin on Indian cuisine, and with their amazing prices, Little India has acquired the new go-to spot for New Yorkers.  Check them out: 102 Lexington Avenue (at 27th St.), www.BHOJANNY.com,  212.213.9615, and also at fineindiandining.com. Enjoy folks!


Lori Richardson

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  1. I had the Dholka and they were to die for!!!!! Yummy

  2. Thank you for this wonderful review on a Vegetarian Restaurant. The timeout of the world forget about us non-meat eaters. I am going to check out this restaurant!