March 31, 2023
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Hot! Post-it Debuts Thrilling New Note Color Collection

For those times when an electronic message or a moving gif can’t accurately convey an emotion, there’s always Post-it Brand.  With the sticky pen and paper method, one can easily create notes which can be placed anywhere. The convenience of using Post-it, is just one reason why we are big fans of the brand. So, it’s no wonder we are excited about the latest Post-it Note Color Collection, an eight piece color collection of notes which are inspired by latest trends and fashion.

“The new Post-it Note Color Collections are designed to showcase your personal style, bring a pop of color to your day and a smile to your face, while retaining the same smart, functional features and innovative tools that the Post-it Note has become known for over three decades,”   explained said Jeff Hillins. 

Using a short quiz you can determine which color collection best fits your style. We are Electric Glow. And, here are the others.

Jewel Pop Collection – Vibrant, contemporary colors that will turn heads

Electric Glow Collection – Bright, daring hues with a jolt of energy

Sunwashed Pier Collection – Cool hues that say “effortless” and “comfortable”

Ultra Collection – Playful and upbeat colors that make a statement

Tropic Breeze Collection – Carefree and calm like a day on the beach

Farmers Market Collection – Lively and fresh bursts of color

Neon Collection – Bold, vivid color that demands attention

Pastel Collection – Soft and tranquil hues that bring a welcome calm to busy days

The Post-it Note collection retails between $4.74 – $14.78

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