June 7, 2023

Hot! Product Review: Tasty Food Alert- SunButter ® Natural Crunch

Do you remember being a child and loving P&J sandwiches? I do! It was an easy to make to healthy snack.  But that childhood favorite can be dangerous to people with peanuts allergies.  So dangerous in fact that peanut butter has been banned practical everywhere.  And, that’s were SunButter comes in.  The makers created a healthy substitute using sunflower seeds that tastes remarkably like peanut butter; best of all the substitute is very unlikely to cause an allergy attack as sunflower seeds have a very low allergy rate (virtually zero).  Now people can enjoy SunButter & jelly sandwiches without fear of a deathly attack.  Additionally, SunButter has a “butter” that caters to many individual preferences – selections include gluten free, smooth, chunky and so much more.

I recently tried the SunButter Natural Crunch. The butter has a rich flavor. It is a little more oily compared to peanut butter.  The crunch is milder because sunflower seeds are much smaller than peanuts. I very much enjoy eating it on celery stalk, crackers and on the classic P& J…better known as the need S&J J.

Try one of SunButter products : SunButter Creamy, SunButter  Organic Unsweetened, SunButter  On The Go SunButter  Snack Pack, SunButter  Natural, SunButter  Natural Crunch, SunButter  Natural Omega-3

Other reason to love: Made right here in USA, High in protein & 27% Daily of Vitamin E


Try Something New,

Maisha A L Dang

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  1. Since you like SunButter, you might like some of the recipes on the SunButter website . I have begun blogging for SunButter and have enlisted friends and colleagues to try some recipes. We’ve used some from the site, and in other cases just subsituted SunButter in a recipe that calls for peanut butter. Check it out.