May 8, 2021
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Hot! Can BlackBerry Playbook Live Up it to the Hype?

In just a few hours die-hard BlackBerry users, who desperately desire a Tablet PC, will finally have their day as Research in Motion (RIM) is finally releasing the much anticipated BlackBerry PlayBook ($499 to $699) to compete with Apple’s highly lauded iPad 2.  Though, most will have to wait till tomorrow to play with the shiny new gadget, we’ve giddily been playing with the Playbook since we received it at the Blackberry Playbook launch party last week (were we spotted ET’s Nancy O’dell and Dwight Howard). While, the Playbook is currently “running beta software,” we’ve got to admit we are hooked.

The Playbook is slick, fast, its size is just right, it’s fairly intuitive and comes fully loaded with both a video and camera, word, excel, and powerpoint. It is also easy to use and because of its dimensions we easily used both hands to type (giving us the feeling of a traditional keyboard); the video quality is outstanding as we discovered when we watched an hour long video over our Wi-Fi connection. During the entire viewing there was no noticeable freezing, we only experienced a super crisp video. We also visited several sites without much trouble (perhaps because the machine is flash friendly).

While, we are generally excited with the Playbook, we do wonder why there’s no built-in calendar or e-mail available. Currently to have these services users must have a blackberry phone and use the Blackberry bridge functionally to successfully take advantage of the aforementioned features. Though, this will soon change as RIM  when releases an air update to address this issue but no date has been announced. We are also wonder about the applications that will be available, we are told over 3,000 are schedule but right now not are available.

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