February 8, 2023
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Hot! Beauty Q&A: Hair Extensions 101


If you’re coveting the ease of changing up your hairstyle after seeing both long vixen locks and carefree pixie cuts on the red carpet this past weekend’s MTV Movie Awards, look no further. Whether you are curious to try out hair extensions for the first time or questioning your previous hair decisions, Certified Great Lengths Extension Expert and Co-Owner of J’Adore Salon in Beverly Hills Bianca Arussi has everything you need to know. She breaks down the FAQs about hair extensions to provide her tips and tricks on getting the style you covet and taking care of hair to prolong a healthy look.

Q: How often should I wash my hair with extensions in? 

A: Extensions hair is just like your natural hair! You should wash it the same way.  It’s never good for anyone to wash their hair every day –  I recommend every three to four days.  You can rely on dry shampoo in between washes.

Q: How long do extensions last before I need to get them replaced?

A: Time varies with each individual person. Some people can go 3 months, some 4 months and some 5 months, depending on how fast your hair grows. Check with your stylist – you never want the extensions to grow out enough that they start tangling at the root.

Q: What can I use to prolong the life and look of my extensions? 

A: I recommend getting a treatment every month when possible to give hair moisture and keep it healthy. Moroccan Oil is also good – it helps detangle. It’s always good to apply product before brushing to avoid pulling; use a special extensions brush if you can. Ask the stylist who’s doing your extensions to recommend one and show you how to brush your extensions properly.

Q: Do I need to blow dry my hair any differently when I have extensions?

A: Yes! Blow drying extensions is totally different – you want to be careful to avoid pulling with the brush. First apply your favorite product and dry through all the extensions with your hands. When dry, proceed to style with the brush and blow dryer (or curling/flat iron if you prefer).

Q: Any other do’s and don’ts? 

A: Do: braid your hair at night – it’s an easy trick to keep hair nice for the next day and you’ll wake up with instant beach waves. Don’t: never leave your hair wet! Always dry it, because keratin (this is what adheres the extension to the natural hair) expands just like your hair expands when it’s wet, and this can cause you to lose pieces over time.

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